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Rolling Shutters:

Rolling shutters are one of the most popular storm and security shutters on the market today.  They are so popular because they are very easy to operate on a daily basis and offer a visual deterrent to intrusion.  Rolling shutters operate much like a garage door and can be rolled up or down manually with a hand crank or automatically with a motor using a switch or wireless remote.  There are three different types of rolling shutter systems available.  The first and most common is extruded aluminum.  Extruded aluminum rolling shutters offer the highest level of protection against storm and intrusion.  They are double walled and extremely rigid.  The second type of rolling shutter system available is form rolled aluminum filled with high density foam.  The form rolled aluminum is much lighter in weight than the extruded system and will offer a lower level of protection from hurricanes and break-ins.  The one advantage to roll formed, foam filled slats is their energy efficiency.  The high density foam does an excellent job of blocking heat and sound.  The third rolling shutter system is made of PVC.  The PVC rolling shutter is very light weight and offers little protection from hurricane and intrusion.  Primarily PVC rolling shutters were sold before the aluminum shutters were in existence.  There are still some companies that offer PVC rolling shutters, but in most cases they do not meet the current requirements from Texas Department of Insurance for hurricane protection.  Before shopping for hurricane shutters, especially rolling shutters be sure what type of system is being quoted to you.  There will be a significant difference in cost from PVC to Roll Formed/Foam Filled to Extruded rolling shutters.  For more information on rolling shutters and other hurricane shutter systems visit  Houston Hurricane & Security offers the largest selection of hurricane shutter systems in the Houston – Galveston area.


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