TAPCO Screens

One of the hottest products on the market today is stainless steel security screens.  These security screens come in a few shapes and sizes.  Some are perforated metal and others are wire mesh.  Although the perforated steel screens perform a little better in impact and blast protection the stainless steel mesh screens offer exceptional protection with a much nicer look.  Tapco Screens are one of the more affordable stainless steel mesh screen manufactures out there.  One of the advantages of Tapco Screens is that they can also serve as TDI approved hurricane window protection.  Tapco Screens are made of 12×12 .035 stainless steel mesh fastened to an aluminum frame.  Tapco is also one of the only companies that manufactures a stainless steel screen security door that is also a hurricane rated storm door.  The stainless steel mesh screen material is almost impossible to break through and will deter any attempted intrusion.  Be prepared to spend $500-800 on a 3’x5′ Tapco Screen depending on if it is only a security screen or if it is also TDI approved for hurricane window protection.