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How much do hurricane shutters cost

I’ve yet to come across a single person who wouldn’t love to have a hurricane shutter system installed that makes storm preparation quick and easy.  The first question most commonly asked is, “how much do hurricane shutters cost?”.  There are many factors that will determine the cost of a hurricane shutter system.  There are two different categories that hurricane shutters will fall into: 1.  Temporary storm panels.  2.  Permanently installed shutters.  Temporary storm panel systems utilize corrugated steel, aluminum or plastic that can be attached to the window opening much like plywood prior to a storm event.  Other hurricane panel systems are made of fabric and attach to the window the same way as the corrugated panels.  These panel systems will range from $100-$400 per standard size opening.  Several factors will determine the final cost such as the size of the opening and the hardware used for installation.  Permanently installed shutter systems such as rolling shutters are much more expensive, but offer exceptional benefits.  Prices will range from $400-1400 for standard openings and will vary greatly based on the shutter size and options.  The only way to truly know what a hurricane shutter system will cost is to schedule a hassle free appointment.   Our advanced quoting system allows us to give on demand pricing on a per opening basis right in your home or business. This allows for us to have a complete consultation with our prospective customers to quickly find the answers they seek when it comes to hurricane shutters.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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