Tapco Security Screens and Doors

With the recent downturn in the economy we have seen a huge increase in the frequency of home intrusions and business break-ins.  These intrusions result in thousands of dollars in loss and inmeasureable ammount of mental stress.  Most break-ins occour through a window or door and typically to the rear of the structure where the perpetrator can not be easily seen.  Many people, especially in Texas choose firearms to protect themselves from such an event.  Firearms are a great choice for protection, but the legal ramifications and emotional scarring that comes with such an event are less than desireable.  Burgular bars are also widely used to protect windows and doors from break-in but are unsightly and in many cases do not allow for a proper fire escape.

Tapco screens and rolling shutters offer premium protection against intrusion weather someone is home or not.  Both products put a rigid barrier between your home or business and the outside.  Unlike burgular bars, Tapco security screens and secuirty shutters blend into the asthetics of any structure and allow for proper fire escape.  Tapco stainless steel security screens offer ADA approved egress (max 5 lbs. of pressure at a single point) with the SPR-200 latch.  In the event of an attempted intrusion most thieves will immediately leave when they realize that they are unprepared to penetrate the Tapco stainless steel security screens and security shutters and will make an enormus ammount of noise if they try to break in.

Experience peace of mind with Tapco Stainless Steel Security Screens and Rolling Security Shutters by Croci.  For more informationa and pricing visit Houston Hurricane And Security.

Check out this Video for Tapco Security Screens

Tapco Security Screen New Video


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