Madico Window Film

Anti-Intrusion – Blast Mitigation – Hurricane Protection

* Please note that window film is only effective on commercial store front or curtain wall systems with a minimum of 3/16″ glass in fixed frames.  Currently no window film systems on the market are designed for or tested for residential use.

Window film is the invisible guard against damage and loss due to intrusion and storm damage.  Film comes is many different thicknesses and attachment methods to achieve the desired level of protection.  Too many times we meet customers who have had film installed by unqualified installers leaving them vulnerable. When it comes to protecting your property trust that Houston Hurricane & Security will deliver the right solution, no matter the situation.

Wet Glaze

The SafetyShield Wet Glaze System utilizes Dow Corning 995 Structural Silicone to create a bond that connects the filmed glass to the existing window frame. During a natural or man made disaster, the Wet Glaze System is designed to maintain the structure of the shattered glass while the Dow Corning 995 reduces the shearing effect along the edges of the window frame.



The FrameGard has been specifically engineered to keep the filmed glass within the frame during an event. The primary advantage of this system is during installation the film is wrapped behind the FrameGard, which is then attached to the window frame with screws. This system also utilizes a rubber gasket attached to the FrameGard, decreasing the shearing effect along the perimeter of the window. These are major advantages over the other systems. This system also allows engineers to precisely determine torque settings for each individual application, which can then be tested after the installation. Another advantage of this system is that it can be reused in most cases, where only the glass has been damaged.



The SafetyShield LifeLine System employs synthetic cords that span the width of a filmed window. The system is designed to arrest the inward travel of the filmed glass after it has sheared at the edges during the positive phase of a blast. The cords used in this system are designed to elongate or stretch in order to absorb this energy until the negative phase pulls the shattered glass from the structure, therefore reducing the risk of injury to the occupants of the building. The design of this system also lends itself to retrofit applications where there is an existing film application.


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